the Bakery

We bake all our products in store everyday to ensure freshness, you can now order our wet mixes to use in your shop or for private events.


Below are the mixes we offer...

Carrot (NO DAIRY)


Our No Dairy Carrot muffins are one of our best sellers, the recipe is based on a carrot cake Lisa used to make in Brazil, its different from how a traditional Carrot cake is made, its more like a Carrot Sponge cake, no bits which is most probably why the young (& old) love them, there is two carrots in each muffin... shhhh don't tell the kids

Chocolate (NO DAIRY)


A No Dairy Chocolate muffin, could be the stuff of dreams for those who are dairy intolerant, one of our regulars was so happy she cried when she found out her allergic son could sit quietly and enjoy a muffin while she had her coffee in peace for 5 mins at least anyway....luckily she had the caffeine to cope with his little sugar rush.

Banana, Honey & Cinnamon


So it was either find a way to remove, dairy or eggs or maybe gluten from this amazing little treat but then we thought why compromise the taste, lets just make it as delicious as possible...and it is delicious, especially if you're lucky enough to get one as they come out the oven.

Plain Mix (This is the perfect blank canvas for you to add blueberry, Muesli, Chocolate, Coconut or whatever takes your fancy)

We can also offer our amazing Pao De Queijo (Naturally Gluten Free cheese bread). These go very well with a cup of coffee, weird combination but it works.